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Press release 2007-01-08  

Green trademark building - from the shelf and out

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With the new packaging concept "Carry Light" the lighting manufacturer Artilux combines two hot trends within the retail trade; an ever growing consciousness of the environment and the focus on the shop and on the selling packaging design.


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The world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, joins Bill Clinton to force its 60 000 suppliers to reduce the size of the packaging and the main argument is to conserve the natural resources. This is the contents of one of the articles about how the business enterprise sector goes for green arguments, which we have been able to read about in the business press lately. We have also been able to read about the fact that it is of quite crucial importance to sales what is happening in the shop, about how the marketing should focus on the packaging etc. Artilux AB, a home lighting manufacturer focusing on high volume customers, already intensively works with these very items for some time now. This concept, where considerations of knock-down solutions, transports and logistics are important issues already at the product design stage, allows creating products with minimal environmental loading. Then just combine it with the well designed and selling packaging, and you have the "Carry light" concept. An idea that combines two very hot trends within the retailer trade at present, namely a growing consciousness of environment and the marketing men’s concentration on the shop and on the packaging.

"It’s no longer a question of consumer marketing, but of shopping marketing. Earlier it was a matter of building the trademark from the outside and in to the shelf in the shop. Now it’s a matter of building the trademark from the shelf and outwards". This is a quotation from the trademark expert Keith Lincoln. Jörgen Hurtig, Marketing Manager of Artilux AB, says that this very well agrees with the intentions of Artilux when creating the "Carry light" concept. "We would like to emphasize on our packaging to get a better medium for the more and more important marketing in the shop. We wanted it to be more distinct." The new packaging design offers excellent display and being equipped with a handle, the box invites the consumer to an easy buy. " In this way the packaging design very well fits in with the trend of the retailer trade, where a growing part of the marketing efforts focuses on what happens in the shop itself", Jörgen explains and thus emphasizes the increasing importance of the packaging.

"As it has been our business philosophy for a long time to focus on high volume products, we have gained great experience from efficient logistics and small packages. These are facts that reduce the environmental loading", Jörgen informs us and further he explains about the many environmental advantages which occur from the manufacturing plant in Lithuania. The transport distance is far shorter compared with Chinese import goods, which often is the alternative for high volume products in the lighting industry. The fact that the new packages are extremely economical on space saves the environment throughout the whole chain - from the factory into the customer’s home. Jörgen also would like to stress that "it results in a highly efficient sale per square meter", which is important enough these days when the struggle about the space of the shop shelves is growing more and more intense.

Artilux is niched in the lighting manufacture industry. The head office and origin is situated in Anderstorp in Sweden and the production plant and European sales office is located in Siauliai, Lithuania. The product range focuses on high volume products of Scandinavian design. The company has an annual manufacture of more than 4 million lamps, assisted by a network of often highly specialized subcontractors.

Artilux AB is a family-owned business, now run by the family members of the second generation. The Artilux group of companies has approximately 180 employees.

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