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Business concept     -Company history-  

"Artilux business concept is: To offer the many and customers who are ordering large quantities consumer friendly, beautifully designed and functional home lighting products at an internationally competitive price. "

Following our business concept we concentrate on having:

  • An aggressive and continual product development
  • Rational processes for design, production and distribution
  • Assembling components with a Snap-In technique, protected by a patent
  • An unique flexibility as regards production processes and product development
  • A large series production, resulting in the lowest purchase prices for components in this line of business
  • A small, efficient administrative machinery
  • All Quality Work according to ISO 9001:2000 and our approved Quality Policy
  • Products, which are adapted to environment friendliness and environmental thinking throughout the organisation in accordance with our approved Environment Policy

Today, our customers will be found among the big furniture multiple shop companies, multiple retail shops, wholesale firms within the electrical and lighting trades and mail-order firms. They are located mainly in the Scandinavian countries and in Germany. Most of our customers successfully use a strategy based on large order quantities and competitive end consumers’ prices.

Artilux is situated in Anderstorp, in the middle of one of the most expanding and prospering industrial regions in Sweden. This enables us to offer very flexible production processes, regarding design and material as well as volumes. If your order quantity is a big one, we are able in a short time to make a new design or a new product, just for you. When you are planning sales activities or campaigns, let us know about it at an early state of the process, and we will help you to produce the proper product in the proper box. We will assist you with rational and efficient display systems and efficient logistics, all the way to the end customer to achieve a low total cost for you.

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