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Company history     -Business concept-  

The company was established in 1981 in Anderstorp, situated in the province of Småland. This has been the place of the company’s activities all since. The founder, Göran Hurtig, carried on business on his own for some time. Göran still is the principal shareholder of the company, even if his work of today is mainly related to the board of directors.

At the beginning, the whole production was carried out by using subcontractors, also the assembly work and packing.

Göran was travelling around the industrial region visiting his subcontracted workers with all the components, sometimes to be coated sometimes to be assembled, on a big trailer. These visits also gave opportunities to discuss how to develop a smarter solution, a more rational and / or cheaper way to produce. The company has always had the focus on innovative product development. The products shall be designed to achieve the maximally efficient production and logistics. 1986 the growth of the company demanded expansion of the premises, resulting in the rent of an industrial building in Anderstorp. Artilux started their own departments for assembly work and distribution.

There was a continued growth of the company and in 1988 the present factory premises were built. 1989 the patent for the Snap-In technique for assembly was granted. This technique still is a basic component of many of the products.

1989 Artilux sold the first picture lighting and in 1995 the estate in bankruptcy of Antonson was acquired. This made Artilux one of the leading manufacturers of picture lighting.

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